Protecting Quality of Life in Neighborhoods

Everyone deserves to enjoy peace and quiet in the comfort of their home. If you are being disturbed by a short-term rental property, there are steps you can take to address the issue.

Florida law prevents the City from prohibiting Short Term Rentals. The City has adopted an ordinance to regulate Short-Term Rental properties and their impact on neighbors.


Short-Term Rental Properties are required to:
- Register and be on call 24/7
- Provide proof of all licenses
- Limit occupancy and vehicles
- Pay registration and renewal fees

All residences and businesses, including Short-Term Rentals, are not allowed to exhibit:
- Loud noise or partying
- Garbage that piles up or overflows
- Waste carts left curbside on non-pick-up scheduled days
- Excessive light glare
- Vehicles parked on the grass

If you experience any of these concerns, kindly let us know so we can help address the issue.

Contact Us

Short-Term Rental Hotline - Call the City hotline 24/7 - 954-504-6454
During Business Hours - Mon - Fri 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. - Call 954-630-4400 or email
Outside Regular Business Hours - Call the Broward Sheriff’s Office Non-Emergency Line - 954-764-4357
Use TellOP - Download our free mobile app to report and track concerns

Addressing Concerns

The City has a process to hold property owners responsible for neighborhood disturbances:
-City staff may issue a Notice of Violation to the property owner.
-The property owner is given an opportunity to bring the violation into compliance.
-The property owner has the right to a hearing before the Code Board or special magistrate.
-Please note, that the City may ask someone reporting a violation to testify at a hearing to explain how the disturbance affected their general welfare.
-At the hearing, the City and property owner have an opportunity to supply evidence.
-The Code Board or Special Magistrate will make a ruling.
-If an Order of Enforcement is issued, a one-time fine or a daily fine may be imposed.
-If the violation is not brought in compliance by the due date, a lien may be filed against the property.
-If a property has been found in violation of a city ordinance and a second violation occurs, the property owner can be cited for a repeat violation, which can increase fine amounts.

Helpful Tips

-As a reminder, anyone reporting a potential violation must provide their name and address before the matter is investigated, per state statute.
-The City has a Zero-Tolerance policy regarding Short Term Rental ordinance violations.