Prospect Road

Community Meeting
The City of Oakland Park hosted a virtual Community Meeting in November 2021 to discuss traffic-related concerns regarding Prospect Road. The discussion topics included Prospect Road ownership, traffic light signalization, speeding, and other traffic concerns.

The City would like to thank everyone who participated in the community meeting and appreciate you sharing your suggestions with us. In case you missed the meeting, click here to watch the recording

Please see below the overview of comments provided during the November meeting. 

Resident Comment  Status
1. Can traffic calming measures be installed to reduce speeding?  Broward County Traffic Engineering (BCTE) is studying the intersection of N.W. 15th Avenue for a potential traffic signal.
2. Can something be done to minimize traffic backups at Prospect Road and Powerline Road?  BCTE will review traffic signal timing.  
3. Can traffic lights be replaced with roundabouts on N.W. 21 Avenue at 39 Street and 44 Street?  BCTE is reviewing. 
4. Can there be a dual left-turn lane from westbound Prospect Road to southbound 21 Avenue? Oak Tree is required to perform intersection and signal improvements, estimated to be completed by 2024. Will provide specific details on proposed improvements.  
5. Prospect and N.W. 21 Avenue Welcome to Tamarac Sign. The Tamarac sign is installed within the City of Tamarac. The City of Oakland Park has requested that the sign be moved further north.    
6. Can additional lighting be installed on Prospect?  Under review by BCTE.
7. Can the speed limit be reduced?  BCTE is reviewing. 
8. Can a buffer wall be installed similar to the wall on the north side of the road planned in Tamarac?  Under review. 
9. Can BSO increase enforcement?  BSO is conducting speed enforcement efforts.
10. Can flashing yellow lights be installed? BCTE to review.

Next Steps
The City of Oakland Park is working to address comments and questions submitted during the November 2021 meeting. A follow-up meeting will be scheduled during the first quarter of 2022.

For more information on Prospect Road, please contact Albert Carbon, Director of Public Works, at 954-630-4458 or