N.W. 21 Avenue

Community Meeting
In partnership with Broward County, in October of 2021, the City of Oakland Park hosted a virtual Community Meeting to discuss traffic-related concerns regarding N.W. 21 Avenue. Additional participants included the Broward County Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Florida Department of Transportation. The discussion topics included traffic calming, current and planned improvements, and a proposed secondary street name for N.W. 21 Avenue.

In case you missed the meeting, click here to watch the recording.

Please see below the overview of comments provided during the October meeting. 

Resident Comment Status
1. Is the City planning on installing landscaping in the N.W. 21st Medians?  The City will be installing landscaping in the medians. The project is scheduled for installation in 2022.  
2. Review bridge striping and signage.  Broward County Traffic Engineering is reviewing bridge striping and signage.
3. Can a pedestrian crossing be installed to cross N.W. 21 Avenue to Veterans Park? Broward County Traffic Engineering is reviewing.
4. Please review the FPL pole lines as they might be in a sight triangle conflict on the eastside cross streets at N.W. 35 Street and the bridge.  Broward County Traffic Engineering is reviewing the FPL pole for conflicts with sight triangles.
5. Please review lighting at Veterans Park. The City is reviewing the lighting.   
6. Can the fence/gate be extended at the southeast corner of the bridge? Broward County Bridges and Highways will explore additional fencing.
7. Please review the current speed limit for possible reduction.  Broward County Traffic Engineering is conducting a speed study and will advise. 
8. Damaged signage on east side of N.W. 39 Street  Broward County Transportation is reviewing the signage. 
9. Review northbound merge lane on N.W. 21 Avenue, north of Oakland Park Boulevard.  Broward County Traffic Engineering to review.
10. Bus shelter adjacent to the tank memorial at Veterans Park is deteriorating.  The City has asked Clear Channel to replace the bus shelter.
11. A lot of motorcycles and 4-wheel vehicles use N.W. 21 Avenue. BSO is monitoring and increasing enforcement.
12. Is it possible to see an increased enforcement effort on the speeding?  BSO is monitoring and increasing enforcement.
13. Can a left turn signal be added to the traffic light at the intersection of Prospect and N.W. 21 Avenue for westbound traffic turning southbound?  The Oak Tree development is required to install dual left turn lanes and dedicated left arrow north to west as part of their development project.  

Next Steps
The City of Oakland Park is working to address comments and questions submitted during the October 2021 meeting. A follow-up meeting will be scheduled during the first quarter of 2022.

For more information on N.W. 21 Avenue, please contact Albert Carbon, Director of Public Works, at 954-630-4458 or albertc@oaklandparkfl.gov.