King Tides

Prepare for 2024 High Tides

Unusually high tides, known as King Tides, are expected to occur between September and December. These tides can cause flooding in low-lying areas. The City of Oakland Park is taking steps to address King Tides, and we encourage our community to do the same. Click here to read about the steps the City is taking and to learn how you can plan ahead to stay safe and protect your property. 

2024 King Tides

  • September 16 - 23
  • October 14 - 22
  • October 30 - November 4
  • November 12 - 19
  • December 12 - 16

2024 Spring Tides

  • March 10 - 12
  • April 7 - 10
  • May 6 - 9

2024 Fall Tides 

  • August 18 - 25
  • October 1 - 7

What Oakland Park is Doing to Prepare

Oakland Park uses stormwater funds to invest in long-term strategies to adapt to seasonal King Tides and rising sea levels. Over the past decade, the City has continued to improve its stormwater infrastructure to reduce the impact of tidal flooding in and around our community. 

The City recently conducted a Stormwater Vulnerability Assessment to identify areas susceptible to flooding. That information is being used to update the comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan and identify projects to make Oakland Park a stronger and more resilient community. 

Oakland Park is also taking steps to minimize flooding in the short term. City staff completed the semi-annual inspection of all stormwater inlets and manholes and cleaned those in need of maintenance. Staff also completed annual maintenance of the stormwater pump stations and tested emergency generators to ensure they are operating smoothly. 

What Residents and Businesses Can Do to Prepare

Residents who live in low-lying areas or along canals and waterways that are affected by sea levels should take the following precautions during King Tide season:

  • Evaluate your property's readiness and prepare flood protection measures, if needed, such as sandbags to use at door thresholds and garage doors.
  • Review your flood insurance policy to understand your coverage. 

During a King Tide event:

  • Do not drive through flooded areas. Turn around and find an alternate route to stay safe and minimize damage to your vehicle and surrounding property.
  • If you must drive through tidal floodwater, rinse the undercarriage of your vehicle to remove any saltwater and minimize corrosive damage.
  • If you experience flooding on your street, make sure storm drains are not blocked and remove waste collection carts as quickly as possible after they are emptied, or wait until your next scheduled collection day to put them out.
  • If you encounter flood water, rinse off to remove the salt water and minimize exposure to pollutants in the ponded water.

To report flooding, please call 954-561-6275.