Massage and Health Spas

Massage and Health Spa Certificate of Use Permit -- The City Commission enacted rules for Massage and Health Spa establishments on June 19th, 2019. These regulations are being implemented specifically for Massage and Health spa businesses to encourage them to be safe and well maintained.

In the City of Oakland Park, a Massage Establishment is defined as: "A site or premise, or portion thereof, wherein a license message therapist practices massage, and which meets the requirements of F.S. 480.043."

All Massage and Health Spa Businesses in the City of Oakland Park must obtain a Massage Therapy Service Certificate of Use Permit prior to occupying or doing business within the City of Oakland Park. Existing businesses must apply within 90 days from June 19, 2019.

Permit Application Package: Download here
Permit Application fee is $500 (non-refundable).
Inspection fee is $150
Annual renewal is $250

City of Oakland Park Ordinance SEC. 7-156 (view the signed Ordinance) states each applicant must be in Good Standing which is explained in detail here.

Notice of Prohibited Acts Statement -- Every person owning, operating or managing a massage and health spa, state licensed business establishment shall post a copy of this Notice of Prohibited Acts Statement. The statement shall be posted in a conspicuous place in the massage and health spa, state licensed business establishment, so that it may be readily seen by persons entering the premises.

For questions, please contact:
5399 N Dixie Hwy Suite #3
Oakland Park, Fl. 33334