Flood Warnings

Flood Warning System

The City of Oakland Park and Broward County depend on the National Weather Service (NWS) for flood notification. The NWS will issue flood advisories prior to expected heavy rainfall that could cause flooding. The City has a citywide flood warning plan to provide early warning to neighborhoods that might experience exceptional flooding. Broadcast methods of emergency notices include the City of Oakland Park Radio Station 1680 AM, and OPTV Channel 78 on Comcast Government Access Channel.

Code RED

The City of Oakland Park also utilizes the Code RED Emergency Notification System, which allows the City to notify a geographical area or any predetermined "target buildings" via telephone or text of an impending emergency. City residents and businesses must keep the City informed of current telephone numbers for the Code RED System by contacting the Police Department. Evacuation routes include Interstate 95, Oakland Park Boulevard and Commercial Boulevard. You can report flooding by calling the City at 954-630-4435.

Severe Storm or Flood Warnings

Major local radio stations such as 1680 AM (City Radio), 610 AM, 93.9, and 102.7 FM, and local television stations such as Channels 7 and 10 broadcast severe weather warnings. In the event of a hurricane, advisories are given every 6 hours. Intermediate or special advisories are given every 3 hours. For the latest weather information visit the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Website.