Flood Safety Checklist

Well Before

  • Tree pruning and trimming may lessen the possibility of uprooting.
  • Have a NOAA weather radio on hand with extra batteries

Just Before

  • Stock up on drinking water (at least 1 quart per person per day) and nonperishable food supplies.
  • Relocate furniture/appliances off the floor.
  • Pick up all loose debris and objects around your home. Bring exterior furniture and potted plants, indoors.
  • Turn the refrigerator to the coldest setting.
  • Place your valuables in water tight containers.
  • Check on the elderly, disabled, or others who may need assistance.
  • Turn off all utilities at the main switch.


  • Confine your pets to an area that is not flooded.
  • Watch where you’re stepping in flooded structures because unseen debris could cause injury.
  • Stay indoors until the official “all clear” is given.


  • Do not drive or walk through flooded areas if the water is above your knees. More people drown in their cars than anywhere else.
  • Do not turn electricity back on if you see downed power lines, or until you get clearance from FPL.
  • Do not use appliances that have gotten wet unless they have been taken apart, cleaned, and dried out.

For additional emergency information, please visit Broward County Emergency Management