Historic Preservation Board


  • 6:30 p.m. Quarterly on the last Monday of the month 

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The Historic Preservation Board consists of 5 members appointed by the City Commission, 1 member appointed by each member of the City Commission. Each term lasts 2 years.


Board MemberTerm Expires
Sandra EdwardsAugust 2025
Kevin LoudAugust 2025
Nita JankiAugust 2025
Robert PensabeneAugust 2025
Robert RutherfordAugust 2025



Applicant must be a resident of Oakland Park. To the extent possible members shall be professionals from the disciplines of:

  • Anthropology
  • Archeology
  • Architectural History
  • Architecture
  • Conservation
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Cultural Geography
  • Curation
  • Folklore
  • History
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Planning
  • Other Related Disciplines

Lay persons who have demonstrated special interest, experience, or knowledge in history, architecture, or related disciplines are also eligible to be appointed to the board if there are not enough professional available. The Office of the City Clerk will coordinate the board appointment process in consultation with the Historic Preservation Officer in regard to qualifications.


  • Adopt rules and procedures necessary for the implementation of the provisions of this chapter.
  • Issue certificated of designation and designate eligible historic resources pursuant to the criteria outlined in this chapter.
  • Advise the City Commission on all matters related to historic preservation policy, including use, management and maintenance of City-owned historic resources.
  • Collect, arrange, record, publish and preserve historical material an data, including books, pamphlets, maps, charts, manuscripts, family, club of business histories, U.S. Census records, papers and pictures, and other objects and materials illustrative of and relating to the history of the City and this region of the State.
  • Procure and preserve narratives of the early pioneers, explorers and others, and their exploits, perils, privations and achievements.
  • Curate material of every description relative to the Indians of the section and the Indian wars, and relative to its soldiers, its schools, its churches and its industries, and its prominent men and women.
  • propose and recommend to the City Commission financial and technical incentive programs to further the objectives of historic preservation.
  • Educate owners of designated historic resources and the general public on the benefits of historic preservation and federal, state and local laws and policies regarding the protection of historic resources.
  • Request grant assistance through the City Commission from State, federal or private sources for the purpose of furthering the objectives of historic preservation.
  • Upon designation as a certified local government, to review and make recommendations concerning National Register of Historic Places nomination proposals for properties to the state national register review board.
  • In cooperation with the historical society, mark by proper monuments, tablets or markers, the location of forts, Indian mounds, or other places in the City where events of historical significance have occurred.
  • Issue certificates of appropriateness when appropriate.
  • Perform any other function or duty related to historic preservation authorized under this chapter or assigned by the City Commission.
  • Be represented at pertinent historic preservation educational meetings, workshops and conferences sponsored by the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation.
  • Seek expertise on proposals or matters requiring evaluation by a professional or a discipline not represented on the board.
  • Encourage board members to participate in the survey and planning activities of the City.
  • The board shall conduct an annual goal setting session where they will outline their work-plan for the year. The board will make an annual presentation to the City Commission on the accomplishment of their work plan.


The authority of the Historic Preservation Board is outlined in Ordinance Section 25-41.