Special Collections

For those customers who have special collection needs the City offers fee-based bulk collections, referred to as special collections.

How it Works

A residential or commercial customer contacts Solid Waste Services at 954-630-4452 and requests a special collection. The customer will be contacted by a Solid Waste representative, and, following inspection of the material to be collected and disposed of, a quote will be provided to the customer. Quotes can only be given by Solid Waste supervisory personnel.

The customer's authorization to proceed must be received by the City prior to collection. Following collection, the customer will see the service charge on their next monthly solid waste bill. Alternatively, customers can simply choose a "collect and bill" option, granting the City authority to proceed with the work without the need to review and approve a price quote. Authorization to proceed must be given to the Solid Waste Division Office 954-630-4452 to effect collection.

Items Not Collected

Service charges for collecting bulk materials are calculated on a per cubic yard basis. Items that will not be collected are those of a hazardous nature, or any material that is deemed non processable by the Solid Waste Division.