Commercial / Multi-Family Garbage Collection

Commercial garbage is collected at least twice weekly and on all holidays falling within the normal work week (Monday - Friday), except for Christmas Day. Customers, depending on their waste generation, will use either 96-gallon carts or dumpsters (large metal containers) of adequate size for their collection needs. The size and type of receptacle will be determined by the Solid Waste Division.

Commercial Cart Service
Commercial Customers must, at a minimum, subscribe to 96-gallon cart service. All rules governing residential collection apply. Collection days are either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday depending on your address. See the Cart Collection page for more information.

Commercial Dumpster Service
Collection day(s) are based upon the service schedule established by the Solid Waste Division and take into account such factors as service location, the type and/or amount of waste generated and the number of collections needed per week. The City uses a billing system for commercial solid waste dumpster service which is based on the size of the container multiplied by the frequency of collection.