Cart Collection Reminders

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Residential Automated Collection

What to do on collection day:
  • Place your garbage cart curbside in the proper location with the handle facing your house.
  • Carts must be placed out no later than 7 a.m. so as to be available for the collection vehicle.
  • Do not place other carts, bulk materials, recycling crates or other items within three feet of the cart.
  • Do not place your cart within three feet of fixed objects or parked cars.
  • Do not overfill carts or place materials inside that protrude above the lid opening.
  • Do not place items on top of the cart.
  • Construction debris, sand, concrete, dirt, rocks, sod or hot coals may not be placed in the cart.

Hazardous Waste

Do not place the following Hazardous Wastes in your garbage for collection:
  • Any paints paint thinners and strippers
  • Automotive fluids and gasoline
  • Fertilizers
  • Metal polish
  • Oven and drain cleaners
  • Pesticides
  • Pool chemicals
  • Rechargeable or automotive batteries
  • Solvents
  • Spot removers
  • Tires
  • Used oil
Types of Waste that may be placed in carts:
  • All regular household refuse and garbage.
  • All garbage and grass clippings must be placed in bags.
  • Yard trimmings must be two feet in length or less, and less than four inches in diameter.

Stolen/Vandalized Carts

If the cart is stolen or vandalized please contact the Broward Sheriff's Office 954-764-4357 (HELP)
for assistance. Then contact our Solid Waste Division Office 954-630-4452 and provide that number. The cart at your home is City property, however as the customer you are responsible for it. If you are relocating your residency, the cart must remain at the assigned property for future residential use.

Cart Maintenance

To keep your cart clean and odor free please wash it regularly with detergent and water. Do not paint or alter the exterior of you cart. Upon request, the City with stencil your house number on your cart. Carts that are damaged through neglect or improper use are repaired or replaced at the owner's expense.

Cart Repair

If your cart needs repair, such as a broken/missing wheel or lid, call the Solid Waste Division Office at 954-630-4452 and the City will make the repair.