Volunteer Corps

Our Mission

To engage Oakland Park's diverse community of residents and business owners in effort to educate, recruit and utilize volunteers by providing varied, meaningful and appropriate opportunities in which to participate for the betterment of the City of Oakland Park and its stakeholders.

Volunteering Benefits

With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteers. However, the benefits of volunteering are enormous to you, your family, and your community. Opportunities are varied, and the right match can help you:
  • Advance your career
  • Find new friends
  • Learn new skills
  • Reach out to the community
Volunteering can also help protect your mental and physical health. So if you have time and want to get involved, meet new people, stay active and make new friends, why not give volunteering a try!

Volunteer Opportunities Calendar

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Long-Term Opportunities

 Involves ongoing participation throughout the year.


 You may have a storm drain in your yard. There may even be several in your neighborhood. Residents and business can now ADOPT A STORM DRAIN in your area. Simply keep the drains clear of leaves, trash and other debris that limit the flow of rainwater.

This volunteer opportunity is appropriate for adults and families of all ages. Physical requirements are minimal. There is no major equipment required to participate. Gloves, a broom, a rake, and trash bags are all that’s needed. 



Would you like to help to keep Oakland Park beautiful? The Adopt-a-Street program empowers volunteer groups to keep their neighborhoods litter-free, one street at a time.     We currently have over 15 groups of friends, residents, civic organizations or neighborhood associations who have adopted a street around the city or near their homes.  Benefits include increased property values, reduce litter-removal costs, fosters neighborhood pride, and frees up maintenance crews to perform other tasks in emergency events.

The commitment is simple. Your team leader will arrange an agreement to adopt a street for a 2-year period. Your team is required to perform 6 cleanups per year, traditionally alternating months. You could select from a list of identified City streets, or suggest a minimum of ½ mile street of your choice for approval in the program.

We provide your crew with bags, reacher/grabbers, reflective vests, street signs and gloves.  Your group or organization’s name will be placed on signs on both ends of your adopted street section to recognize your civic and volunteer contribution


 The City of Oakland Park offers a wide variety of athletic programs aimed at giving our youth opportunities to grow physically, emotionally, athletically and socially through sports. By lending your talent and experience, YOU can make a difference in the development of a child. Through encouragement, patience, basic knowledge and support, your coaching will not only help a child develop skills and love of sport, but provide tools that will carry on through his or her life.

 “It’s not always about how good you are or how much time you spend, it’s about being there.” While coaching or assisting with a team, you will have the opportunity to teach and learn at the same time. We also offer discounts for your children in our athletic programs should you become involved in coaching. And if you’re at the field, please consider helping at our concession stands.


The City’s Bark Park is located across from Easterlin Park at 971 NW 38th Street. Intended to provide a fun and safe environment for our furry friends and those who love them, this park serves as a meeting place for residents while promoting socialization and exercise. The individual large and small dog sections of the park provide unique features and ensure a more stress-free experience for visitors.

We are looking for individuals to provide some basic park maintenance tasks in their spare time. You don’t need a dog to help! Your time commitment may involve a brief one to two-hour period during the day when your schedule allows. Tasks include blowing pebbles from pathways, restocking bags, emptying trash receptacles, and hosing down pools, water bowls, and structures. We’ll provide the leaf blower and any supplies you will need. This volunteer opportunity is suitable for ages 15 and over. 



 The City of Oakland Park has embarked on a program to address concerns about feral cats using the “TNR” approach. TNR (trap, neuter, return) has proven to be the only effective method for stabilizing and reducing the number of cats in feral cat colonies over time, in some situations all the way down to zero. TNR is also the only humane method to accomplish this. The City is proud to partner with local animal shelters and hospitals and respects all life by embracing this approach.

We have numerous volunteers who coordinate and share all aspects of this intricate process including identifying colonies, feeding, trapping/releasing, transporting, temporary housing, and adoption. The task is ongoing, but the goal remains to humanely address the reduction, as well as the health and safety, of feral cats in our neighborhoods. We could ALWAYS use more help. Volunteers will need their own transportation.  If you are a lover of animals, please contact us to learn how you can become involved.


 Join fellow volunteers who have formed a “rapid response” team to eliminate unwanted graffiti and stickers all over the city.

The GRAFFITI PATROL is a community beautification project combining the efforts of the Volunteer Corps, multiple city departments, and local partners. This program is designed to address and eliminate the many forms of graffiti, nuisance stickers, and illegal yard signs that can detract from the overall beauty of the City of Oakland Park within 48 hours of reporting.

Graffiti and stickers on our light poles, sidewalks, curbs, bus stops, walls, fences, and buildings cause blight and are not representative of the fine city Oakland Park truly is.

 Volunteers are provided with a kit of the most commonly required spray paint colors, along with spray removal products, scrapers, and gloves. Also included are tools to share with residents and businesses to engage them in the process as needed.

This volunteer opportunity is appropriate for licensed drivers with a vehicle. The time requirement is low and flexible. You can photograph, repair, and report incidents during the course of your day when found, or respond to a specific request as time allows.


The Volunteer Corps has stepped in to assist the Parks Maintenance team in keeping our parks clean and attractive throughout the week.  Members of the Park Cleanup Crew have elected to dedicate select days to help eliminate trash, broken limbs, palm fronds, and anything else that detracts from the beauty of our parks.  Through their coordination, the volunteers have taken the basic and simpler daily chores from staff, allowing them more time for pressing repairs and upgrades that may be needed.  This opportunity is appropriate for volunteers 15 years of age and older.  Appropriate supplies are provided to 

support their efforts.


Volunteer Park Inspectors help the City by bringing fresh eyes and perspective to our wide array of playgrounds, athletic facilities, picnic pavilions, walking trails, and nature areas.  Park Inspectors will periodically complete written assessments and photograph areas of concern.  With volunteer help, we ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all our visitors.  Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older and provide their own transportation to the park.  Inspectors may be able to select a park near their home that they currently enjoy.

Volunteers and staff are the people behind the scenes who ensure that every attendee has a memorable and positive festival experience. A lot goes into offering a truly exceptional event, and volunteers are the people who execute much of the hard work. Great volunteers will help set a positive tone and create an energetic environment for the event. They are that memorable, smiling face of the event as guests and attendees arrive.

When your attendees need support, volunteers often jump in to answer questions and meet needs throughout the event. Volunteers can perform any number of tasks at a festival. Often, festival volunteers work at the entry gates, concession stands, specified tents, information stands, and more.

  • Set-up and Breakdown Volunteers: Assist with pre and post-event preparation
  • Entrance Team: Welcoming and greeting attendees
  • Parking Team: Direct traffic and assist with parking
  • Registration or Tickets: Manning the registration table or tent.
  • Information Team: Answering questions from attendees throughout the event.
  • Managing distractions (doors opening and closing)
  • Runner/Floater: Microphone running during the event
  • Stagehand: Setting up and displaying the awards for the contest, and managing the participant line.

Volunteers are the face of your festival. They are the people who ensure all the wheels turn to deliver a great attendee experience.

Short-Term Opportunities

Requires shorter-term or interim-term participation

Events will be added as we emerge from the current Covid-19 pandemic. You will be notified via Helper Helper.