Community and Economic Development

The Community and Economic Development Department guides new residential and non-residential development and redevelopment opportunities throughout the City of Oakland Park by ensuring compliance with the City's goals and adopted policies and land development regulations. The Department consists of four sections focused on creating a balanced and sustainable community that will enhance the overall quality of life for our residents, business owners and visitors. The four functional sections of the Department are:

Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) / Economic Development

This is a transformational time for the Oakland Park Community Redevelopment Agency (OPCRA). The City of Oakland Park is the up-and-coming investment location for commercial real estate and continues to embark on redevelopment efforts focused on the branding and expansion of public improvements throughout our community. The success and expansion of our premier culinary businesses has attracted several new restaurants, bars, fitness centers, and distilleries to the area. For more information on the CRA and other business resources, please visit our website:

Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Division conducts planning projects for the City including administering and updating the Comprehensive Plan, creating neighborhood plans, administering and updating zoning regulations, and performing topical projects. This division also conducts site development review for large and/or substantial construction and business development projects performing technical reviews to determine and address their community impacts. It administers the Planning and Zoning Advisory Board, Board of Adjustment, Development Review Committee, and Historic Preservation Board. It also makes planning and development-related presentations to the City Commission.

Community Enhancement

The Community Enhancement Division works in cooperation with residents and businesses alike, to build strong community partnerships, and to ensure compliance with code standards, in order to enhance the appearance and safety of our community.

Business Regulatory Unit

The Business Regulatory Unit ensures that businesses adhere to all regulations outlined in the City's Code of Ordinances. In addition, the Business Regulatory Unit monitors business licensing, approves applications, and inspects properties to verify that all requirements for the purposed use(s) have been met.