Community and Economic Development

Community Enhancement

The Community Enhancement Division works in cooperation with residents and businesses alike, to build strong community partnerships, and to ensure compliance with code standards, in order to enhance the appearance and safety of our community.


Donald Jay Quier
Code Administrator

Laura Adams
Administrative Specialist

Business Regulatory Unit

The Business Regulatory Unit ensures that businesses adhere to all regulations outlined in the City's Code of Ordinances. In addition, the Business Regulatory Unit monitors business licensing, approves applications, and inspects properties to verify that all requirements for the purposed use(s) have been met.

Joseph Diskin
Business Regulatory Unit Supervisor

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Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Division strives to provide outstanding customer service while ensuring that development is consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan and meets or exceeds the requirements of the Land Development Code.

Alexander Dambach
Planning Division Supervisor

Rick Buckeye
Senior Planner

Lorrainia Belle
Senior Planner

Melissa Alvarado
Administrative Specialist

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OPCRA Website

On October 22nd, 2019, the Community Redevelopment Agency, in an effort to improve outreach and re-brand, launched the OPCRA website. Check us out at

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Oakland Park Square

In October, the City Commission approved two different agreements with Integra Investments. The purchase and sale agreement for the two City-owned, vacant lots was approved on second reading and a separate development agreement was also approved. The due diligence period is now underway. The City is currently discussing with Integra the terms of the Lease Agreement for the relocation of City Hall, and upon conclusion, the agreement will be presented to the City Commission for consideration. 

Integra Investments filed their Pre-Development Application for the Oakland Park Square Project.  The applicant held their Neighborhood Participation Meeting on November 14, 2018, where residents and business owners had the opportunity to ask questions. This exciting development would be the first major mixed-use development in the City’s Community Redevelopment Area (CRA). 


The CRA offers incentives to new and existing businesses located within the CRA boundaries to aid in their growth and development. These incentives foster job creation and Downtown revitalization. For additional information, please contact Kaityn Collier at (954) 630-4475 or 

Comments from Local Businesses

We are very proud to be part of Downtown Oakland Park and represent the the Culinary Arts District with the growing trend of craft spirits. The Strategic Investment Program will help us to turn the roughly 4,000 square foot warehouse into a craft distillery. Working with the Oakland Park Redevelopment Agency (CRA) has been a smooth and fast process. The staff and City inspectors are very knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you CRA for your hard work and helping business owners to achieve their vision and goals. We are looking forward for future urban designs and improving the quality of life for the residents of Oakland Park

                                                                                               Bela NahoriChainBridge Distillery                                                                                                                    

Chainbridge BeforeChainbridge after