City Elections

General Election Information

The City Commission consist of five (5) members, one of whom shall be the mayor, all of who shall be elected from and represent the city at large.  The term of commission members is four (4) years.  Commission members may serve only two (2) consecutive terms. A commission member who has served two (2) consecutive terms may not run for election to commission for a two year period. 
The City of Oakland Park holds their general election in November of even number years along with the County wide General Elections. 

Candidates for municipal office must file the appropriate forms with the City Clerk prior to opening a campaign account and to qualify for office. Elections are conducted in accordance with the provisions of Title IX, Florida Statutes, Electors and Elections (Chapters 97-106); Article II and IX of the City Charter; and Chapter 24 of the City Code of Ordinances.

2022 Election: The next Oakland Park General Election will be held November 8, 2022. There are two (2) open City Commission positions.
​The candidate qualifying period is from noon, June 13, 2022 through noon, June 17, 2022.

For further information, publications and forms, please contact the City Clerk at 954-630-4298.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What role does the City Clerk's Office play in municipal elections?  
The City Clerk serves as the qualifying officer for candidates for the office of City Commissioner.  Qualification documents and campaign financial reports are filed with the City Clerk.  The City Clerk works in cooperation with the Broward County Supervisor of Elections office.

What are the requirements to run for office?
A qualified candidate must be a resident  who has resided continuously in the city for six (6) months prior to qualifying as a candidate. Each candidate for nomination and election as a member of the city commission shall be a duly qualified elector of the city at the time of qualifying.  

Are parties of candidates mentioned in elections?
No.  City elections are conducted on a nonpartisan basis.

Are there sign regulations?
Yes.  Candidates must apply for a sign permit with $100.00 bond. Political signs can only be posted 60 days prior to an election. Code Section 24-149 provides for sign display guidelines.
A written statement of permission for the placement of political signs upon any vacant land,  nonresidential tract or a residential tract, lot or parcel, or any lands not owned by the candidate must be provided to the City of Oakland Park upon placement of each sign.