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Art Park


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Art Events
  3. Open Space
  4. Parking
  5. Seating Wall
  6. Sidewalks

History of the Art Park Property

Lucius Kinsey once owned the entire block where the Art Park is now located. He was one of the original settlers of the area moving here in 1914 with his wife, Nora. He served on the first City Council after the formation of Oakland Park. He eventually gave a portion of the property, the actual corner where the Art Park currently sits, to Leroy and Iris (Kinsey) Chadwick. They built a home and lived on that corner for 50 years. They raised 2 daughters, Darleen and Jill, who still live in Oakland Park today and are an integral part of the community serving on the Boards of the Oakland Park Historical Society and Friends of the Ethel M. Gordon Oakland Park Library. Along with Lucius and Nora, Roy and Iris are considered “pioneers” of Oakland Park and it’s not a stretch to say they were known by virtually every resident of the City from the 1920s until probably the 1960s.
Roy was also a City Councilman and a businessman owning a plastering company that helped construct many of the buildings in the City. In the l970s Iris and Roy moved to another home a few blocks away and lived there until their passing. Their daughter, Darleen Mitchell, was born at home on that corner house. She is listed by the Oakland Park Historical Society as the first baby born in the Town Floranada (which preceded the City of Oakland Park) on January 6, 1926. In addition, she served as the City Clerk of Oakland Park for over 25 years.